Megan Video Box Blooms


This item is available for pick-up at our Production Hub in Makati City or for delivery, at your convenience.

An elegant Fig and Vine video box with an LCD screen that automatically plays videos upon opening. It stores up to 2GB of videos and photo slideshow, including beautiful arrangement composed of preserved rose, Austin rose, Retro white, Hydrangea, Billy Balls, Bunny tail, and Moss,


    • Display - Keep away from direct sunlight. Display on a flat surface to prevent from falling.
    • Cleaning - Dust off with feathers or a soft cloth to prevent scratches on the glass surface.
    • Water - Keep away from water or moisture at all times.

    DIMENSIONS: 26.5 W  x 26.5 L x 11 H

    TOXICITY: Non-toxic to animals and humans.

    LIFESPAN: 3-5 days

    *actual item may vary from the product photo **As stocks are limited, Fig & Vine reserves the right to alter or modify order specifications to conform to its corporate policies without prior notice such as color, kind of flowers, or packaging

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