The proceeds from this collaboration will go to support the ICA Scholarship Foundation.

COMPONENTS: Embark on a journey through the delicate grace of Roses, the exquisite allure of Lisianthus, and the vibrant energy of Tulips. Amidst this floral masterpiece, find the subtle accents of Waxflower, weaving whispers of rustic sophistication, and the gentle tranquility of Chamomile, invoking a sense of timeless calm in a wooden basket.


  • Display - Flowers last longer in a cool room temperature. Prune the dead or loose leaves and petals daily to avoid bacterial rot.
  • Sunlight - Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Water - Diagonally trim the stems one or two inches off before putting the arrangement in a vase. Water every two or three days.

DIMENSIONS: Size of reference picture is 8cm'' H x 12cm" W

TOXICITY: Non-toxic to animals and humans.

LIFESPAN: 3-5 days

*due to limited component availability, actual item may vary from the product photo **As stocks are limited, Fig & Vine reserves the right to alter or modify order specifications to conform to its corporate policies without prior notice such as color, kind of flowers, or packaging

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