Lucienne Christamas Tree

COMPONENTS: Spread the holiday spirit with the Lucienne Christmas Tree. Fine pine tree, statices, wooden flower, eucalyptus, jute string, pine cones, ilex berries, christmas balls and bamboo sticks in a thick wooden base.

  • Display - Indoor. Place it in a cool area of the house.
  • Sunlight - Keep the pine tree away from direct sunlight or any heat sources that may dry the foliage.
  • Water - Spritz the pine leaves with water daily, as you notice it looks dry. Be careful not to wet the ornaments.

TOXICITY: Generally non-toxic to humans and animals.

LIFESPAN: 2-3 weeks.

*due to limited component availability, actual item may vary from the product photo **As stocks are limited, Fig & Vine reserves the right to alter or modify order specifications to conform to its corporate policies without prior notice such as color, kind of flowers, or packaging

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