Kiat Kiat Tree

This item is available for pick-up at our Production Hub in Makati City or for delivery, at your convenience.

COMPONENTS: In Chinese tradition, this tree is a popular symbol of financial luck, prosperity, and long life. Welcome the Chinese New Year with this limited edition Kiat Kiat tree from Fig & Vine, housed in a pot with embossed illustrative markings. 

  • Display - Best to keep it outdoors or near a huge window where it will receive the most sunlight. Keep away from heater vents and direct air-conditioning.
  • Sunlight - Full sun or partial shade. Place the trees in the brightest location possible, especially if you’re placing them indoors.
  • Water - Water the tree once or twice a week, or when the top two inches of the soil dries out.

DIMENSIONS: Size of reference picture is 39.5'' H x 24" W

TOXICITY: While the trees and fruits are generally non-toxic, some breeds may have an intolerance to the citric acid or essential oils. Best to keep away from pets and animals.

LIFESPAN: Months to years, with proper care

*due to limited component availability, actual item may vary from the product photo **As stocks are limited, Fig & Vine reserves the right to alter or modify order specifications to conform to its corporate policies without prior notice such as color, kind of flowers, or packaging

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